Local High School Basketball Referees needed

How do I become a referee?
Online Interest Request
  • Must be in good physical condition and complete a minimum of 21 hours of training for new officials and 18 hours of training for returning officials. Previous officiating experience is desirable but is not required.
  • Must be available to work in the early afternoon with an arrival time at the school of 3:30 pm.
  • Must attend 6 meetings on Monday nights from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The dates for the meetings usuall start in September - October - November each fall. The dates will be posted on our main page when they are set. The location for the meetings and clinic will also be posted once set.
  • NCOA-South serves high schools in the Central Valley in the south to Le Grand and Los Banos, in the north to Lodi and San Andreas, in the east to Tuolumne and Mariposa and in the west to Patterson and Tracy. 85 schools are serviced by NCOA-South.
  • Once certified to work an official must provide their own uniform and equipment. Information about uniforms will be available at the meetings and uniform suppliers will attend the first meeting and the Clinic.
  • Must join NCOA-South and pay the dues (check with us for the fee amount). You will be provided all rule books and manuals when you join the Association. You must pass a written 100 question rules test with a score of 80%.
  • Must work at least two preseason scrimmages as part of the training experience.
  • Initially when new recruits complete training satisfactorily, they will be assigned to work two games per assignment for freshman and JV teams. When officials show they have the ability and skills to work at a higher level they will be rated to work Varsity games.
  • Officials who are assigned games are paid twice during the season, once at midseason and at the conclusion of the season.
  • If you have any questions, please call any member of the Executive Council for NCOA-South. Their phone numbers are listed on the website.

To qualify for game assignments, members regardless of previous officiating experience must meet these requirements

  • Attend all training meetings (schedule of meetings found here.) Attendence is required unless you have a valid excused absence
  • Print this form, fill it out and bring it with you to the 1st meeting, or return it to the NCOA South secratary. Enrollment Form
  • New referees must attend new referee training in addition to regular meetings, location TBD and participate in online training found here.
  • Dues paid online at arbitersports.com website. If you have paid for a current year winter sport, it is reduced by $25, (you must present your association membership card for validation). Bring to meeting or give to secratary. Upon payment, you will receive the manuals and instructional materials.
  • Successful completion of the final exam with 80% or better score. The Exam will be available in the fall. For your reference, a previous year's test is available here.

As a sports official you are not an employee of NCOA. Instead you are an independent contractor. Basically your are self-employed and work when you want. Your pay is based on the sport and level that NCOA South has contracted the organization requesting officials. Because you are an independent contractor no taxes are taken out of your checks. However, if you make over $600 in a year we must report that to the IRS.

We will provide you with rule books and some training on the rules and mechanics of officiating. You will have to attend an annual rules meeting and training and take an educational rules review test each year for the sport(s) you desire to officiate. You will also be evaluated in order to determine your ability to work higher levels. Don't let this scare you. All we want to do is help you be a better official.

Officiating is a great way to stay involved in the sport(s) you grew up playing and watching. Also staying involved with youth and helping them become better citizens. Some people even do it for the exercise. Think about it - you'll be paid to be there and have the best seat in the house, and you call your own schedule. What a great way to earn little extra cash. Take a look through this website and it should answer some basic questions about NCOA South and officiating.